About Us



We are a company that had its origins in a Shopping mall, always motivated to provide help to all girls and boys who were interested in showing off healthy skin, having a clean beauty and a routine focused on the well-being of the skin.


We believe in skin free of prejudices, but always healthy, which is why we risk creating powerful and safe formulas that revitalize and protect your skin.



One of the most exciting things that our job had was teaching, and when a boy or girl sat in our kiosk, it was a pleasure to teach them, from how to prepare the skin of their face, to how to put on make-up, showing completely healthy, illuminated and healthy skin porcelain.


Aiming for skincare-enhanced makeup, we realized that many products found in the makeup industry were not products that actually delivered any kind of benefit to the skin, which is why our powerful formulas They are created with ingredients of organic and mineral origin.


Skincare ingredients that provide protection from environmental factors that damage skin barriers. We firmly believe in SPF, we have products that not only protect you from the sun's rays, but also from the free radicals that the sun emits.


Always look beautiful and natural, with our vegan makeup, which is designed to recreate a very natural look, make up - no make up style; Achieving a perfect porcelain skin finish with only 5 products.





We love our furry ones, that's why we are a company free of animal cruelty. Our products are mineral and organic. Designed to provide healthy skin free of animal cruelty. A makeup free to test on animals, far removed from the cosmetic industry that yes.




About the brand


Our brand has been in the market for more than 30 years, created in order to sell skin care and makeup products; mineral and organic.


It has been characterized by representing the lifestyle of many women who have spent years buying these products in a mall, where we not only taught you how to put on makeup and take care of your skin for free. Which led us to be interested in taking this voice to many more people who wanted to learn about how to take care of their skin and how to wear very natural makeup.